· 100% UCT bonus
· Minimum amount 0.5 ETH
· Whitelisting closes on April 11th (12pm CEST)
· Winners will be contacted (via email only) on April 12th (2pm CEST)
· Contributions are open from April 12th (2pm CEST)
· Contributions close — as soon as 10 ETH cap is reached

Steps for Whitelisting

1. Follow the UnitedCrowd Twitter account

2. Retweet and like the UnitedCrowd Pinned Tweet
Include the hashtags $UnitedCrowd and #UCT & tag two friends in you retweet.

3. Join the UnitedCrowd Telegram group

4. Register on our platform and do your KYC
Sign up at app.unitedcrowd.com

Public UCT token sale (IEO) starts on February 11th

We are already counting the days: On February 11th, the public sale of our token, the UCT, will start via our partner LATOKEN.

With this article we would like to give you an overview of the most important aspects.

Sale Documents

We have prepared detailed information for you in our sale documents Whitepaper, Pitch Deck, Tokenization Framework and Tokenomics. You can access all documents here.

Sales Page

The UCT will be sold through our partner LATOKEN. The UnitedCrowd Sales Page provides a great overview. Visit us there!


Participation in the UnitedCrowd Token Sale is easy and will take place via LATOKEN. Our tip: Create…

The public token sale has ended and we would like to start by thanking each and every contributor for their support.

In this article we provide you with the key data of the token and the sale.

Token Metrics

Shortly before the end of the sale and thus shortly before the official listing of the UCT, we are at a crucial point: How will the token develop? The current bull market led to the introduction of new mechanisms in the crypto market. These mechanisms can help us to achieve the most important of all goals: To improve the performance of the UCT!

Success of the UCT is essential for all parties: for you as a token holder, but also for us as a company. …

In this article we have prepared clear instructions for you to easily carry out all steps of the onboarding process.

Start onboarding by registering on the new platform at app.unitedcrowd.com. Please do not forget to confirm your email and choose a secure password.

Once you have successfully signed up and if you already do have a MetaMask wallet, please complete the KYC for identification and connect the wallet. The system will automatically guide you through all steps, which are happy to show you in the following.

If you have successfully completed the points, you will receive a confirmation within 24…

The UnitedCrowd Platform is an important part of our technical solution. It is our interface to companies, investors and partners, maps digital financing campaigns and is used for the direct sale of token. The platform was designed as an all-in-one tool that enables investors to set up and manage a digital investment portfolio in a user-friendly manner.

Users can register for free on the platform and create a personal profile. They thereby get access to the functions of the platform, with which they can inform themselves about investment options, purchase or earn token through activities in just a few steps…

In the past weeks the UnitedCrowd development team has been working on a full functional app for managing your funding campaign. The UnitedCrowd Campaign Manager has all kinds of components and functional features that help us and our clients to launch their token, manage their campaign and raise funds and investments from investors. It has a clean, modern and great looking UI interface which is fully responsive and works on mobile devices, too.

Performance overview on the dashboard

A funding campaign is an exciting time. And it is an important time. It is important to keep an eye on everything, not only for your own…

UnitedCrowd is a platform for digital financial instruments. With our Tokenization Framework we can issue digital financial products — for the purpose of corporate finance for instance. The framework makes it possible to model financial products based on blockchain technology and to automate them via intelligent, template-based contract models, so-called smart contracts which are then mapped as tokens. In close cooperation with regulatory authorities, all contracts are validated for compliance with country-specific regulations. …

It’s been a good few years now since the sphere of cryptocurrency and the likes of Bitcoin permeated the public consciousness. In the years that have followed, those who’ve kept a finger on the cryptographic pulse will have undoubtedly felt the palpations erupting around the notion of tokenization.

In the world of crypto, the likes of ‘utility token’ and ‘initial coin offering’ have risen the vocabulary ranks to become some of the most prolific pieces of sector-specific lingo. It’s no surprise these two terms in particular caught fire recently, with 2017 serving as a spotlight year for both ICOs and…

UnitedCrowd is your partner for digital corporate funding with tokenization

What is a tokenization anyway?

Tokenization refers to the digitized mapping of a value (asset) in the form of tokens on a blockchain. In doing so, the rights and obligations related to this value, such as the possession of the value, are always depicted in the token. Tokens are in a sense digital units on a blockchain. They are digitally transferable and thus tradable via this blockchain.

Tokenizable, that is to be mapped in tokens on a blockchain, is practically everything. Tokens can represent both tangible and intangible assets, or rather the rights and obligations…


👉🏼 Let’s Tokenize The World 💯🚀 Tokensale Platform - Made in Germany 🇩🇪 unitedcrowd.com

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