Coming soon: Relaunch of the UnitedCrowd Platform

The UnitedCrowd Platform is an important part of our technical solution. It is our interface to companies, investors and partners, maps digital financing campaigns and is used for the direct sale of token. The platform was designed as an all-in-one tool that enables investors to set up and manage a digital investment portfolio in a user-friendly manner.

Users can register for free on the platform and create a personal profile. They thereby get access to the functions of the platform, with which they can inform themselves about investment options, purchase or earn token through activities in just a few steps. Investment opportunities are offered via the platform and described in detail. The user-friendly dashboard makes the platform understandable even for inexperienced users. Additional functions, such as a help center, digital KYC processing, a payment gateway and a reward module make handling the Tokenization easy and increase customer loyalty.

With the relaunch of our platform, the functions will be expanded again. They now include:



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