Partnership UnitedCrowd — Tixl Autobahn for Asset Tokenizations

3 min readJul 21, 2021

The UnitedCrowd ecosystem connects real world asset projects with smart contracts, giving its users access to DeFi yields on tokenized digital financial products such as staking and farming. In this, interoperability plays a decisive role to map different asset classes on different blockchains and connect divergent marketplaces.

Following our vision of a tokenized world and been aware of the importance of interoperability, we are delighted to announce that UnitedCrowd has a new strong partner on its side: Tixl — a solid and auspicious parameter not only in the German but international crypto space and a real expert for cross-chain applications.

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What is Tixl?

The German Tixl Organization, with its TXL token, builds „DeFi 2.0“ by connecting all blockchains. Key products are the Cross-Chain Bridge as well as their so-called Autobahn Network (named after the high-speed, toll-free German highway) — which is a high-performance layer 1 network that simultaneously is a scaling solution for all other blockchains. High-performance means tiny-fee and instant transactions as well as 100% interoperability & scalability.

Tixl x UnitedCrowd

The partnership between Tixl and UnitedCrowd is not only based on shared values — it also has great potential.

Opening up with Tixl’s Cross-Chain Bridge

Tixl supports UnitedCrowd on its way to full interoperability. With the whitelisting of our token, the UCT, in Tixl´s Cross Chain Bridge, the first step has already been taken and the door to Binance Smart Chain is open.

Asset Tokenizations on Tixl’s Autobahn Network

Tixl and United Crowd share the belief that the future does not belong to a single blockchain. Different blockchains offer different advantages and can therefore also be more or less suitable for different asset classes.

Yet, adding Tixl’s Autobahn Network to the United Crowd infrastructure, once their smart contracts are ready, also offers other thrilling opportunities that go beyond interoperability alone. Instant transfer at reasonable prices for tokenized assets is only one additional benefit, arising for the UnitedCrowd ecosystem.

Further synergies

Development flourishes when knowledge is shared and mutual collaboration can drive visions and projects forward. Located in the same country, Tixl and UnitedCrowd are not just neighbours in spirit but can concretely support each other in achieving their goals.

André Wendt, Co-Founder of UnitedCrowd, recently said:

“If we want to leverage the full potential, our asset tokenization platform needs 100% interoperability. Tixl’s products are perfectly suited for this.”

Sebastian Gronewold, Co-Founder of Tixl, commented:

I love to see more and more really promising startups coming out of Germany. The partnership with UnitedCrowd is a win-win situation for both projects.

UnitedCrowd is elated by the partnership with Tixl and the outlook on the goals that can be achieved together.

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