The time has come: The UnitedCrowd Social Rewards Program starts on December 9th, 2021 at 2 p.m. (CET)! We are implementing the first campaign in which our community can participate for our client OogaVerse. Just in time for the start of the campaign, we will publish all the content for the first campaign on December 9th here.

Social Rewards is an activity program that rewards participants for completing certain tasks with UCT. The tasks were chosen in such a way that they bring benefit to UnitedCrowd and serve to build up the community, such as promoting greater visibility in social media. We use our social rewards system for ourselves as well as for our clients. Participation is free for users and will be linked to possession of at least 1,000 UCT in the future. The program is integrated in the platform and can also be used stand-alone.

Benefits of the Social Rewards Program:

  • Increasing the organic reach of content on social media

What tasks can I expect?

For each campaign, depending on the goal, certain tasks are selected, that participants have to solve in order to receive rewards. For each completed task, the participant receives UCT, which will be distributed to him at the end of the campaign to the wallet that he has connected. The following table provides an overview of all the tasks that can be implemented with the Social Rewards Program.


  • Follow


  • Like page


  • Enter group


  • Follow like


  • Share


  • Recommend new users


  • Clap for article


  • Subscribe


  • Visit Page


  • Visit video


  • Join Server


  • Follow


  • Follow Artists


  • Attend event


  • Follow group


  • Follow artist


  • Follow


  • Follow


  • Follow

Proof of Community — the internal evaluation system

Our social rewards program is continuously being improved and expanded. In future there will be an internal evaluation system: Proof of Community, aiming at self-regulation with optimal benefit for the community. Participants are assessed using the following parameters:

  • Voting: contributions made can be rated by other participants (quality).

The more activity and reputation a participant has, the more Social Rewards tasks and the better rewarded tasks he will be able to choose from in the future.

How to get Social Rewards Performance?

As a Social Rewards participant, you can create and share content on a daily basis. The better your content, the greater the distribution reach and the more points you can get! The reach of your content is not only determined by how many followers you have. With the right strategy, you can reach a lot of people even with a few followers. The following tips will help you to optimize your performance.

Create added value

Just sharing content is not particularly interesting for anyone. What matters to the UnitedCrowd Social Rewards is your own contribution! Add your own comments to the shared content that fit it and show that you have dealt with the content. This can look different depending on the post. Here some examples:

  • Humor & Creativity: Make your content entertaining, add pictures or memes.

Avoid the impression of scam

Who doesn´t not know them? Posts with short statements like “XY is the best” or “Soon Moon”. Pay attention to more original wording in your posts in order to avoid a spammy impression.

Use hashtags correctly

The right hashtags are key to reach for you performance at the UnitedCrowd Social Rewards.

  • Don’t use too many hashtags! What matters is that the hashtags match the target group.

Link the right accounts

Linking the right accounts can be a real multiplier for the reach of your content.

  • No spam! Only link accounts that are likely to be interested in your tweet and that fit thematically. Do not mark more than two.

Starting on December 9th you can take part in the Social Rewards Program here.

Do you have any questions or difficulties with our Social Rewards Program? We are here for you:



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