UCT Token Sale Summary

  • By owning UCT, token holders automatically become members of our UnitedCrowd community.
  • As such, they are entitled to participate in delegated governance and benefit according to the decisions made by the community.
  • Token holders can receive social rewards if they support the token and the community through activities.
  • In addition, token holders have a higher probability of receiving pre-emptive rights in lotteries and benefiting from exclusive projects.
  • In addition, UnitedCrowd implements a Token Repurchase Program. As part of program, UCT will be bought back by UnitedCrowd in the market and held by the company in the collateral pool.
  • The UCT includes deflationary mechanism through toll bridge and token burning options.
  • Token holders can participate in Liquidity mining and Staking and receive additional tokens.
  • Token buyers who have purchased tokens via LATOKEN will receive their tokens directly from and via LATOKEN.
  • Private Sale buyers, team, advisor and bounty hunter receive their tokens via their verified MetaMask Wallet, which has to be connected to the UnitedCrowd Platform
  • Register on our platform: unitedcrowd.com
  • Complete your KYC on the platform
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet to the platform
  • Team, advisor and partner tokens are vested linearly at 1/20 per quarter.
  • Bounty tokens, company reserve, bonus tokens and referral tokens are locked for three months.
  1. Toll Bridge
  1. Liquidity mining
  1. Staking
  1. Social Rewards



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