UnitedCrowd Community Round

Steps for Whitelisting

1. Follow the UnitedCrowd Twitter account

Community Round Guidelines

Only winner wallets are allowed to send funds. Please do your KYC 24 hours before. Sending money from Exchanges may result in the loss of your funds, never send funds from the exchanges. Winners are contacted (via email only) — April 12th (2pm CEST)

UCT Token Generating Event

Scheduled TGE — April 14th
Contract address — Posted only in the official Telegram — April 15th
CEX & DEX Listing — April 15th (Time: TBA)

UnitedCrowd: Our Story So Far

UnitedCrowd enables tokenization in compliance with regulations. Our Tokenization Framework is an automated solution for digitizing values, including all rights and obligations contained in them, by issuing a token that is registered in a distributed ledger technology (DLT) infrastructure. The resulting tokens represent the digitized form of these values, which can be transmitted via the blockchain.

Business Model

“Tokenization is the automated solution for digitizing values, including all rights and obligations contained in them.”

UnitedCrowd — Asset Tokenization as a Service

By modelling financial products on the blockchain, UnitedCrowd offers innovative solutions for raising and investing capital. These blockchain-based solutions have decisive advantages for investors and companies alike: The costs of raising capital decrease significantly, intermediaries are reduced, investment options can be offered worldwide and international investors can be acquired. Payments and processes are transparent, automated and secure. Access restrictions are reduced and new markets can be opened up. Investors benefit from access to fractional ownership and are no longer dependent on middlemen to build and manage their portfolios.



As a member of the Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft e.V. (BVMW; Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises e.V) we strengthen our position as a tokenization partner for German companies.


We use the liability umbrella which is opening up new doors for us! o


UnitedCrowd is a founding member of the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA).


We are an official member of this association for the promotion of blockchain technology in Germany.


As a partner, we sponsor the Crypto Rockstars Cruise, among other things.

Community Token (UCT)

Use case

We strive to build a strong community, with our UnitedCrowd Token (UCT). Therefore, the UCT comes with the following token core values and benefits:

  • With the acquisition of UCT, token owners automatically become members of our UnitedCrowd community.
  • As such, they are entitled to participate in Delegated Governance and benefit in accordance with the decisions that the community makes through the governance system.
  • Our social mining system rewards token holders for activities, that support token and community.
  • Furthermore, token owners are granted pre-emptive rights for selected pre-sale tokens.
  • In addition, UnitedCrowd will implement a Token Repurchase Program. As part of this Token Repurchase Program, UCT will be bought back by UnitedCrowd on the market and held by the company in the Collateral Pool for further expansion of the community. 25% of the token sale proceeds and 10% of the monthly turnover are reserved for this.
  • Token owners can also participate in Liquidity Mining and Staking and thus receive additional tokens.


  • Tokenbuyers and Bounty Hunters will get their token after the end of the public sale.
  • Requirements to receive token:
    - Sign up on our platform: app.unitedcrowd.com/
    - Complete your KYC on the platform
    - Connect your MetaMask wallet to the platform

Vesting & Locking:

  • All Token allocated to team, partner and advisors are vested linear with 1/20 per quarter
  • Bounty Token are locked for 3 month
  • Bonus Token are locked for 3 months

Toll Bridge:

  • We’ve integrated a toll bridge which is set to last for 24 months. Token holders who want to exit before the toll period expires can do so for a fee. This fee, the toll fee, is a percentage fee and is charged in UCT, which are deducted from the activated tokens and irrevocably destroyed by a smart contract.
  • The Toll Bridge applies to all team, advisor, partner, private sale and bonus tokens.

Liquidity Mining

UCT owners can stake the trading pair ETH-UCT at Uniswap and receive LP tokens from Uniswap as rewards. The provision of the trading pair increases liquidity and has a positive effect on the token price.


Participants in Liquidity Mining (Liquidity Miner) can stake the LP tokens that they receive from Uniswap for the provision of the ETH-UCT pair on the UnitedCrowd platform and receive UCT as rewards from us.

Social Mining

Tasks that create added value for the community and the token are published in the Social Rewards system. Community members can edit them, upload and describe their work. Other members validate this work against certain incentives designed to achieve the best possible outcome for the community.


We are committed to good corporate governance and make the team accountable and liable for the spending and use of our Tokenization proceeds. Decisions are based on Evidence-Based Decision Making (EBDM) to ensure that they are made based on the best facts available and that these facts are focused on the most relevant business issues. With our Anti Money Laundering Directive (AML) we aim to prevent the abuse of Tokenizations for money laundering and terrorist financing. Our understanding of responsibility and sustainability is also reflected in our Code of Conduct. In order to achieve the goals set, the team will be expanded in the next phases according to the personnel planning.

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