UnitedCrowd Token (UCT) Listing on Bitcoin.com and Pancakeswap

  1. Governance Voting, which demands UCT for on-chain votes made by the community to enact protocol changes, as well as allowing UnitedCrowd actions such as providing grants from the UC Treasury or burn UCT.
  2. Liquidity Pools are rewarded with a share of the transaction fees collected on the pair they’re supporting and additionally rewarded with staking incentives.
  3. Staking Vaults which rewards UCT to liquidity providers and rewards protocol fees for participation in Governance.
  4. Token holders can receive Social Rewards for supporting the token and the community through social activities.
  5. Strong token holders have a higher probability of receiving pre-emptive rights in Lotteries and benefiting from exclusive projects.
  6. In addition, UnitedCrowd implements a Token Repurchase Program. As part of program, UCT will be bought back by UnitedCrowd and held by the treasury.
  7. The UCT includes Deflationary Mechanism through toll bridge token burning mechanism and transaction burning options.



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