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$50,000 💎$UCT💎 Bounty Campaigns live

UnitedCrowd is an ecosystem that connects real asset projects with smart contracts on the blockchain and creates FinTech solutions for startups, while reducing risks for investors. UnitedCrowd offers the utility advantages of tokens that generate additional yield through DeFi.

The governance token UCT will soon be listed on Sushiswap and FMFW.io. In preparation for this, the UnitedCrowd Bounty Campaign has now started.

👉 Registration for Bounty Campaign here 👈

Don’t miss this chance to get free UCT and find out everything you need to know here.

Bounty Allocation

  • $50,000 bounty pools (3 phases)
  • First phase: $10k (07 April to 04 May 22)
  • Second phase 2: $20k (05 May to 05 June 22)
  • Third phase: To be announced
  • Pool allocation: Twitter 20% & Bitcointalk Signature 80%
  • First pool will be divided according to the stakes accumulated amongst participants.
  • After the phase ends, every participant has only 2 weeks for complaints. Late appeal will not be accepted.


  • Bounty distribution in UCT, handled by the UnitedCrowd team.
  • Dollar/UCT price conversion on the day of distribution.
  • Distribution over Binance Smart Chain, please import the UCT token address.

Distribution Schedule

  • 50% of rewards 3 month after last campaign phase ends.
  • 50% of rewards 6 month after last campaign phase ends.

Twitter Meme Campaign


  • 200–500 Followers: 1 stake per week
  • 501–1500 Followers: 2 stakes per week
  • 1501–3000 Followers: 3 stakes per week
  • 3001–5000 Followers: 4 stakes per week
  • 5001–10000 Followers: 6 stakes per week


1. Follow the UnitedCrowd Twitter page

2. Participants must have a profile pic and a minimum of 200 followers.

3. Make 3 new tweets and 4 retweets per week (maximum 1 retweet/day).

4. Time gap between 2 tweets/retweets needs to be 6 hours minimum.

5. Choose posting material and meme´s from UCT shill kit.

6. Use $UCT, #UCT, #UnitedCrowd #UCTrex #100xgem & @UnitedCrowd_com in every tweet or retweet.

7. Anyone who is not active for 1 week will be automatically dropped.

How to join

1. Fill the registration form

2. Follow UnitedCrowd´s Twitter

3. Tweet and retweet

4. Analyze spreadsheet

Signature Campaign


  • Member: 1 stake per week (max. 25 participants)
  • Full member: 2 stakes per week
  • Snr. Member: 5 stakes per week
  • Hero/Legendary: 10 stakes per week


1. Use UCT signature & avatar before filling out the registration form.

2. Post at least 10 constructive posts per week, not more than 2 posts from local board.

3. Cheating or spamming can result in removal of stakes and banning.

4. Removing your signature/avatar during the campaign will result in loss of stakes.

5. Posts in boards such as auctions, games & rounds, off-topic and archival sections as well as any other board where code isn’t displayed won’t be counted.

How to join

1. Fill the registration form

2. Post on Bitcointalk

3. Analyze spreadsheet

General Bounty Rules

1. All participants have to join the UCT Telegram group & UCT bounty group.

2. Bounty related questions may only be asked in the UCT bounty group.

3. No KYC needed for all participants.

4. Offensive or inappropriate behavior leads to immediate disqualification.

5. Multiple accounts will be banned immediately, all IP’s are being tracked on.

6. We don’t accept RED TRUSTED users on Bitcointalk.

Posting Material

This campaign is managed by Teamworkers. Please read the terms here.

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