$50,000 💎$UCT💎 Bounty Campaigns live

  • First phase: $10k (07 April to 04 May 22)
  • Second phase 2: $20k (05 May to 05 June 22)
  • Third phase: To be announced
  • Pool allocation: Twitter 20% & Bitcointalk Signature 80%
  • First pool will be divided according to the stakes accumulated amongst participants.
  • After the phase ends, every participant has only 2 weeks for complaints. Late appeal will not be accepted.


  • Bounty distribution in UCT, handled by the UnitedCrowd team.
  • Dollar/UCT price conversion on the day of distribution.
  • Distribution over Binance Smart Chain, please import the UCT token address.
  • 50% of rewards 6 month after last campaign phase ends.

Twitter Meme Campaign


  • 501–1500 Followers: 2 stakes per week
  • 1501–3000 Followers: 3 stakes per week
  • 3001–5000 Followers: 4 stakes per week
  • 5001–10000 Followers: 6 stakes per week

Signature Campaign


  • Full member: 2 stakes per week
  • Snr. Member: 5 stakes per week
  • Hero/Legendary: 10 stakes per week

General Bounty Rules

1. All participants have to join the UCT Telegram group & UCT bounty group.

Posting Material



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